TheTomKid gets lost at the Arrowhead Orchard corn maze

This past Sunday, my mom, dad and I decided to revisit our childhoods and go to a corn maze at Arrowhead Orchard. When my mom first purchased the tickets online, she informed me that they hadn’t ever taken me to a corn maze when I was younger, so they were making up for it now that I’m almost 23.

Megan Tomkins at Arrowhead Orchard

I, of course, not wanting to pass up a random and inexpensive travel adventure was completely okay with being depraved of this childhood trip in order to blog about something for you all!

The first cool part about this trip is that it was incredibly inexpensive. My mom found the deal from the Canton Repository’s Daily Deals e-mail and we got four tickets for only $10! Now, Arrowhead Orchard may be a tiny little place, but it was still fun.

We could have went on a hay ride, but I declined jumping on that with a bunch of 5-year-olds.

Arrowhead Orchard by Megan Tomkins  Arrowhead Orchard by Megan Tomkins

We did, however, go through the corn maze, climb a hay mountain, bounce on a make-shift saddle and check out the Arrowhead Orchard store.

I really enjoyed going through the corn maze and taking silly photos with my parents.

Arrowhead Orchard by Megan Tomkins  Arrowhead Orchard by Megan Tomkins

All in all, it wasn’t the most exciting adventure I’ve ever been on, but I thoroughly enjoyed getting to spend time with my adorable parents and getting to revisit my childhood.

Although it is nearing the end of the season for corn mazes, there are still a lot more fall festivals available and fun things to do in Northeast Ohio than you can imagine.

Do you have any entertaining childhood memories (or current ones) that took place at a corn maze?

Arrowhead Orchard by Megan Tomkins


7 responses to “TheTomKid gets lost at the Arrowhead Orchard corn maze

  1. I really like the layout of your blogs, Megan. I’m quite jealous, in fact! I must say also that it’s quite sad I have never been to Arrowhead Orchard despite the fact that I am from the same area as you. Anyway, keep on blogging because I enjoyed the quality read (and the pictures!)

  2. I love corn mazes! Thanks for the invite Megan…. Growing up in a little town we had two or three different corn mazes to choose from. I used to go every year with my high school volleyball team. My favorite memory is the year that it rained and rained and rained, and by the time we made it to the corn maze it was basically a mud pit. It was so much fun!

  3. Tis the season for corn mazes! I’ve always been a fan, and I’ve been to quite a few through the years. I think my favorite adventure to a corn maze/haunted house was out in Conneaut about 30 minutes from where I live. It used to be an amusement park and a hotel, but both have been run down for years now. It’s very creepy, and it reminded me a lot of a scary movie. I think it was around $15, and it was totally worth it! I had a blast and shared a lot of screams and laughs with my friends.

  4. I am so jealous! I went to one corn maze before and it was a blast! The only thing about corn mazes for me is that I only ever think of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when they are in that grassy bush maze and also the movie, The Children of the Corn. Both not pleasant things because in Harry Potter, spoiler alert, Cedric Diggory gets murdered, and The Children of the Corn is just creepy. That is why I never want to get lost in a corn maze. So I hope you stayed relatively close to your parents!

  5. Corn mazes remind me so much of childhood, I’m happy you were finally able to experience feeling like a kid again!(even if it was when you were closer to 23). I remember the joys of it all, the cold fall evening, the hot warm cider and candy apples. My favorite part about the mazes during the day was being able to pick my own pumpkin! However, at night time there was the haunted hayride. Cozy up to your middle school crush and prepare to get spooked! Some of my best fall memories are at corn mazes. I have never been to Arrowhead but now that I know about it I will definitely have to check it out for next fall. There’s nothing like reliving childhood memories. Thanks for the awesome reminder!

  6. This post immediately had me feeling nostalgic over the times that I have spent at Patterson’s Fruit Farm with my parents and brother. I did participate in the hayrides, though, because I was five at the time. My roommates and I have been trying to find the time this year to do something like this together. So, the link to the ohio fall events was a wonderful find, barring the fact that I’ve missed all of the events. I have however heard rumors to a similar type of farm in kent that may still be running such events. Cross your fingers for me, and thank you for the walk down memory lane.

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