Nate Ginsburg’s NYC weekend on a budget

Today, guest blogger, Nate Ginsburg has given me a wonderful post about what to do for a NYC weekend on a budget! I can’t wait to do this myself. Make sure you leave him some love after you read!

You are spending the weekend in NYC and want to soak up all that the city has to offer. And, you also want to avoid going broke. Don’t worry, although NYC can be obnoxiously expensive, there are plenty of ways to have an incredible weekend while staying under your budget. Follow this weekend plan to experience some of the best that the greatest city in the world has to offer and still come home with some money to spare.

Friday Night: Dinner and Drinks in LES

The LES has so much character and is filled with cool bars, live music venues, and people looking to have a good time.  Use Groupon or Living Social to get a great deal on your first meal in NYC. After dinner, explore the area and take it all in. LES is packed on the weekends and the vibe is electric. Check out some live music at Arlene’s Grocery or relax with some drinks at Barramundi. Be mindful of the time because bars stay open late and you’re going to want to get an early start tomorrow on your big day in The City.

Saturday Morning: Bagels and Central Park

Central Park by Nate Ginsburg

No trip to NYC is complete without having a famous NYC bagel. You can find bagel shops everywhere and can get a breakfast sandwich for only a few dollars. After your bagel, it is time to head to Central Park.

You can spend hours exploring the many paths, meadows and lakes of Central park. On the weekends, it is buzzing with all sorts of activities so take your time and enjoy everything CP has to offer. When you are in the middle of the park, it’s crazy to think that you are still in the midst of one of the biggest cities in the world.

Saturday Afternoon: Times Square, Broadway and Union Square

Times Square by Nate Ginsburg

After you leave the park, walk south to Times Square. Times Square is perpetually packed with tourists and is a great spot for people watching; so many varieties of people! Enjoy the hustle and bustle and spend some time browsing the notable stores such as The Disney Store and Hershey’s Times Square Store. You can also grab some cheap eats from one of the Halal Carts that are in the area. Enjoy some tasty kebab and falafel without a big hit to your wallet.

Once you are ready to move on, walk down Broadway Avenue and continue to browse all the awesome stores and take in the magical feeling of being in NYC. Eventually, you will hit Union Square which is a great place to stop for a bit and rest. Union Square is always packed with interesting people often protesting one thing or another. And if you enjoy chess, you can get a game with one of the many players posted up in the park. Be careful however, as the players like to take money from unsuspecting tourists.

Saturday Evening:  West Village and Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park by Nate Ginsburg

Next, continue walking south to spend your evening in the West Village. West Village is one of my absolute favorite areas of the city. So many great eats, shops and bars. It is also where NYU is located so you can find some great deals and specials. For dinner, grab some pizza from Two Boots while you walk around Bleeker, Sullivan and Thompson St..

Continue your evening at Washington Square Park where there is no lack of things to keep you entertained. You’ll find street performers and musicians all vying for your attention under the beautifully lit up Washington Square Arch. At night, Washington Square Park just feels magical. Stay here until you are ready to turn in, or grab a drink at one of the many bars around the Square.

Sunday Morning: Highline and Chelsea

Start your last day in NYC by walking The High Line. The High Line is a cool park built on an old train line elevated above Manhattan’s West Side. It is a great place to stroll and has fantastic views of the city as well as the Hudson River.

After you finish your walk, hop back down to street level and grab lunch at one of the many delicious options in Chelsea Market. You are sure to find something whatever your taste and budget. Spend the rest of the morning walking over the cool cobblestone of Chelsea and thinking of excuses that enable you to stay in NYC for a few more days!

Sunday Afternoon: SoHo

No better way to spend your last few hours in NYC than exploring cool and vintage SoHo. If shopping is your thing, check out some of the best shops recommended by Time Out NYC. If not, enjoy the scenery and streets of a classic NYC neighborhood.

Unfortunately your NYC weekend is now coming to an end and you’ve got to catch your ride (or flight) out of town. You’ve covered a lot of the city but there is still so much more to do and see. So, you’d better start planning your next trip asap!

If you have any questions or comments, please share in the comments section below!

About the author: Nate is a writer for which recently featured an article on The Safest Areas of the USA for 2013. If you like (or don’t like) the post and pictures connect with @nateginsburg on Twitter and Instagram!


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